Alex Armand

Vitae Teaching



DEVELOPMENT ECONOMICS (Graduate, Nova School of Business and Economics)

The focus of the course will be on the main current topics in the development economics literature. After a brief methodological overview, the course will discuss poverty traps and foreign aid effectiveness. Natural resources and ethnic divisions will then be studied. Good institutions will be portrayed as improving development. We will then examine democracy and corruption. The remaining of the course is devoted to assessing development interventions. We will first look at governance interventions. We will then analyze social programs devoted to health and education. Then we turn to incentivizing access to formal banking, namely to credit, savings, and remittances.

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MICROECONOMETRICS (Graduate, University of Navarra)

This course intends to make the student familiar with basic statistical and econometric techniques that are used in the analysis of microeconomic data. The course covers both the theoretical and the applied aspects of these techniques. We will cover some relevant theory in lectures, but we will focus on applications of this theory, and the lectures will include examples and in-depth discussions of empirical papers that employ the different techniques.

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Introduction to Impact Evaluation Methods

This session was given at University American College Skopje (Macedonia). The training aimed at introducing policy evaluation methods both from a theoretical and applied perspectives. Programme

Social Experiments in Development Economics

This is a 2-hour session given at Universidad Publica de Navarra on the use of Social Experiments in Development Economics.

Individual Perceptions and Public Policy

This is a 1-hour session given at Strathmore Business School (Nairobi, Kenya) for the students of the Master in Public Policy.



Development Economics (Graduate, University of Navarra)

Econometrics for Macroeconomics and Finance (Undergraduate, University College London)

Economic Policy Analysis (Undergraduate, University College London)

International Trade (Undergraduate, University College London)