Alex Armand
Vitae Teaching

Assistant Professor, University of Navarra

Faculty Fellow, Navarra Center for International Development

Research Fellow, Institute for Fiscal Studies


Navarra Center for International Development
ICS - Universidad de Navarra
Edificio de Bibiotecas - Entrada Este, 2ª Planta
Pamplona 31009 Spain

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My research agenda cuts across multiple sectors related to the fields of applied microeconomics and development economics. A large share of my research agenda focuses on field experiments, that I implemented or currently implementing in a wide range of geographical areas, such as India, Eastern Europe, Mozambique, Bolivia and Central America. My main areas of interest are:

    - Social, Education and Health Policy in Developing Countries

    - Female Empowerment

    - Political Economy of Development


    Measuring and Changing Control: Women's Empowerment and Targeted Transfers
with I. Almås, O. Attanasio and P. Carneiro), Economic Journal
, vol. 128 (2018) 609-639.
Coverage: VoxEu, RES Media Briefings, Apolitical

    Demand Drops and Innovation Investments: Evidence from the Great Recession in Spain
    (with P. Mendi), Research Policy, vol. 47 (2018) 1321-1333.

    Do Public Health Interventions Crowd Out Private Health Investments? Malaria Control Policies in Eritrea
    (with P. Carneiro, A. Locatelli, S. Mihreteab and J. Keating), Labour Economics, vol. 45 (2017) 107-115.


    The Effect of Gender-Targeted Cash Transfers on Household Expenditures: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment
    Joint with O. Attanasio (UCL), P. Carneiro (UCL) and V. Lechene (UCL)
    Latest draft - IZA DP No. 10133

    Coverage: El Diario Exterior

    The Reach of Radio: Ending Civil Conflict through Rebel Demobilization
    Joint with
with P. Atwell (Michigan) and J.Gomes (UNAV)
    Latest draft - HiCN WP 249
    Coverage: El Pais, RES Media Briefings

    On the Mechanics of the Resource Curse: experimental evidence from Mozambique
    Joint with P. Vicente (
Nova), A. Coutts (Nova) and I. Vilela (Nova)
    Coming soon

    Intra-household resource control, subjective expectations and human capital investment
    NCID WP 03/2015

    Coverage: awarded  EALE Young Labour Economist Prize

    Are Parental Perceived Returns to Schooling predicting Future Schooling Decisions? Evidence from Macedonia
    NCID WP 02/2015


    Community toilet use in slums: the role of informational and supply side constraints in Urban India
Joint with B. Augsburg (IFS), currently in the field - Project summary - AEA RCT Registry 3087
    Coverage: El Pais, The Times of India, Hindustan Times, Ideas & Innovations

    Local Labour Market Shocks and Subjective Expectations: Evidence from panel data
    Joint with P. Carneiro (UCL

    On the mechanics of the political resource curse
    Joint with P. Vicente (
Nova), A. Coutts (Nova) and I. Vilela (Nova), Project summary - AEA RCT Registry 2493

    Identifying the Effect of Targeted Money Transfers on Women's Empowerment
    Joint with with I. Almås (IIES), O. Attanasio (UCL) and P. Carneiro (UCL)

    Non-cognitive skills and violence among youth: Evidence from Honduras and El Salvador
    Joint with C. Cotton (Queen's), currently in the field   

    Learning from a Publicly Subsidized Agricultural Insurance
    Joint with J. Gomes (UNAV)

    Productivity and rent-seeking in the lab
    Joint with D. Aycinena (U del Rosario) and A. Coutts (Nova)

    The Chance to be First: Individual resources and child inequality in Rural India